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We love to read!

Each month we choose a book to read and review. On the first Saturday of that month at 10 a.m. we meet at the library for a lively discussion.

We develop our book list several months in advance so everyone has time to read the selections before discussing them.

Find posted lists
    at the library
     on this site in the Upcoming Selections page
     by contacting us via links from the Contact Us page

Our tastes are eclectic and we read everything from enduring classics to the latest bestsellers. Check out our archive with the History link.

It's casual, it's fun, and we invite you to join us. Come read with us!


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At Sandra's house, Chrismas 2012

Notable Book Club Statistics

"The NBC (Nebraska Center for the Book) News" provides the following data:

Profile of the Typical Book Group Member

• Female (94 percent of groups characterized their groups as mostly female)

• Baby Boomer (70 percent of respondents were between the ages of 40 and 65)

• Library user (over 50 percent visited a library more than once a week)

• Friendly (60 percent said their groups were made up of personal friends)

• Big reader (54 percent read three or more books per month)

• Loyal (45 percent had been in their book group five or more years)

• Committed (83 percent of respondents said that their members almost always finish the book)

• Hungry (60 percent of groups always serve food at their meetings)


Some interesting information about Nebraska book groups:

• Book club members generally join so that they’ll read books outside of their area(s) of interest.

• Librarians generally put together lists and assist in selecting the books for their groups.

• It’s also the librarian that gathers the background information on the author and the book and makes sure members have copies of the selection by using our book club kits, our Interlibrary Loan Service, or other means of resource sharing.

• Most groups meet on a monthly basis at a regular time and have experienced changes in membership, but have remained steady— many for more than ten years.

• Groups are very likely to serve food or drinks.


Thank you, Pat, for supplying these data.



Susanne's 2012 Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House