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The Plattsmouth Book Club loves books, and we invite you to join us in savoring them.

We meet the first Saturday of each month, 10 a.m. at the Plattsmouth Public Library, Plattsmouth, Nebraska. Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you've read the current selection or not.

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The Dead by James Joyce. Final short story in the 1914 collection Dubliners. Almost long enough to be described as a novella. The story deals with themes of love and loss, as well as raising questions about the nature of the Irish identity. Well recieved and adapted into a one-act play and film.


Those whose holidays are blessed with loved ones, groaning boards, and happy bustle may not understand our choice of James Joyce’s “The Dead” as a Christmas selection.

Please consider it your invitation to compassionate recognition of the forgotten old; of patients in pain or hospital or both; of those planning funerals or visits to grave sites. Both sorrow and acknowledgement of life’s finitude at this time of year are entirely appropriate.

To think profoundly is surely a blessing as great, albeit in a different way, as holidays filled with loved ones, groaning boards, and happy bustle.

Perhaps James Joyce’s gift to us this Christmas will be to see through his window what matters and what does not.

Blessed Christmas to you.

The Dead Spark Notes


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